Welcome to the SHR Project

What is SHR ?

SHR is a GNU/Linux based operating system for smartphones and similar mobile devices. It integrates various Free and Open Source Software projects into a versatile platform - flexible enough to run on a vast selection of mobile hardware such as the Openmoko Neo Freerunner, Goldelico OpenPhoenux (GTA04), Nokia N900 and more. The SHR build system is based on OpenEmbedded - well known from the Yocto project. For telephony, networking, etc. the framework is used. On top of that an easy to use graphical interface centered around the Enlightenment libraries is used to provide phone calls, messaging and pim. A growing amount of available applications offers SHR users with everything expected on a smartphone. But also numerous classical programs well known from other Linux distros can be made available easily.

What makes SHR so special ?

SHR is 100% community driven and based on Free and Open Source Software. This empowers everybody to realize their innovations or add support for new hardware - without needing to ask some CEO or strategy manager first!


If you need a trac account, please contact us on IRC or mailinglist.


Installation & Devices
Install instructions and specifications of supported devices
Firmware howto page for non-Openmoko devices
Get in touch with other users and developers in order to provide feedback and contribute
SHR press articles, presentations etc.
Pictures and Videos
A preview of how SHR looks like on several devices
Weekly News
See what is happening in the community
SHR Blog
for official SHR information
Specific Usages Howto
Howto for specific usages(games, video playing, music playing etc...)
Image content and features
List of main applications available in SHR
The SHR User Manual on OpenMoko wiki
This manual describes the earlier SHR versions (SHR-testing, SHR-unstable) and is not updated yet.
SHR User Manual
A new manual started, based on DocBook but currently not continued (authors are welcome)


Please read the bug reporting guidelines
before submitting a new bug. Thanks!
The work to prevent regressions in SHR
Current tests for Stabilizing
Customize your image
Tricks and tips to customize your SHR
More advanced tweaks to improve your SHR
How to report a bug
Languages and i18n
How to change the system language
Convert your contacts to a new format
Import SMS from SIM
A script to import your messages from SIM
Game usage status
Status of games in SHR
Music usage status
Status of Music players in SHR


Communicate and Contribute
How to get in contact with other users and developers and join the processes
Introduction to SHR development - How to get the SDK and build your own image
Developing for FSO with shr-chroot
Introduction to SHR development - How to develop for FSO
Building SHR User Manual
Introduction how to build the DocBook based manual
Developing your own applications
Beginners guide, with Hello World examples in Vala
Add my app in the repositories
How to add your programs into the official SHR packaging repositories
SHR applications
List of applications which are designed for SHR by SHR's contributors
SHR architecture
How SHR has been designed
Coding Conventions
Page that collect main conventions when you want to code in SHR
Translate applications
Document that describe how to translate an SHR application into different languages
run SHR as user
How to run shr as non-root user
How to become a maintainer
udev vs. devtmpfs
how to debug a build
how not to break devices booting while using systemd
Device Porting Guide
How to port SHR to your device.
Android Porting Guide
How to port SHR to an android phone
Kernel upgrade information
How to adapt the userland when bumping the kernel version


Lost pages

SHR server admins

On #bearstech IRC channel the following people are available as server admin:

  • bear_beavis, zerodeux, lukhas, zitune, cyberj, athoune, ruzarzh
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