Joint FSO/SHR Developers Convention 2010

[DISCLAIMER: This is still draft material. You are encouraged to give comments about all the propositions. This page will be updated as things clarify.]

IRC meeting point: freenode #openmoko-cdevel

Dates & Location

Note: 02/03/04 July is NOT going to happen, LinuxHotel has no space on that weekend'''

New Poll:

FSOSHRCON'10 will happen on the 02/03/04 of July at the LinuxHotel in Essen-Horst, germany.

We have up to 20 seats. Some cheap hotel rooms are also available.

-- The 02/03/04 July dates were decided from community availabilities, see doodle for history


# Attendee Hotel Room needed?
1 Heinervdm Will camp in the garden, or sleep on the floor
2 playya Will camp in the garden, or sleep on the floor
3 mrmoku Will camp in the garden, or sleep in the car
4 JaMa Will camp in the garden, or sleep on the floor
5 leviathan Guess so, still checking
6 morphis Guess so, still checking

Won't be there

Proposed planning

  Day 0 Day 1 Day 2
8h30   Breakfast Breakfast
  Lunch Lunch
20h00 Arrival and welcome
21h00 Party


Accepted talks

Proposed talks

Proposed workshops

  • Bitbake workshop (how to write bb recipes and build an image) (Heinervdm)
  • Vala workshop (how to write vala applications)

  • FSO on the Palm Pre (history, status update, future)
  • DeforaOS smartphone and SMS encryption

Proposed code sprint

  • fsopimd
  • Msmcomm (daemon, lib, FSO integration)
  • DeforaOS smartphone (FSO integration)


Travel (Car sharing, etc...)

In order to allow people to travel together and/or meet during their travel, put here details of your route if you need/want to.

NameFromCar sharing (with auto)Car sharing (passenger) Comment

Photos & Videos & Reports

Let's share all links about event here.

  • <put here the link to the recorded streams>
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