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  • nEo Theme: fast (people who used it love the scrolling, geeky, simpltic, high contrast! (currently being rewiritten to make colors easily customzable and etk theme complete) packages are avaialble on a showcase image is also avaliable here

consists of illume theme, elementary theme, etk theme, libframeworkd-phonegui-efl theme, gtk theme, icontheme (launcher icons, gpe, gtk)
No gradients, only few graphics (rectangles without filling whixh cannot be drawn on the fly without indorducing another layer.
only other graphics are inevideble ones like bubble(elm), arrows, clock(elm), battery, gsm widget ias still WIP but already usable. nEo Theme

  • Niebiee: blue! (Discuss!?) More correctly: extremely blue, looking good in x11-16 with few nice and not disturbing animations and still fast.

It's available in SHR repo as e-wm-theme-illume-niebiee, elementary-theme-niebiee and shr-splash-theme-niebiee.

  • gry*(Discuss!): solid color backgrounds, but with few tiny graphics (sliders, checkboxes and few others), no gradients, few simple transitions.

Impelemntation fo gry*

further information:

download: Illume theme ipk

Elementary theme ipk

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