SHR desperately needs a theme, we hope you can help us in that.

Creative people of the world, SHR lovers, join together and submit proposals. (yeah, we already used that line) We will have a community poll, deciding on the theme to be used (core devs reserve the right to veto though :-))

For those who want to make the theme look consistent with new SHR logo take look at logo style guide for colors and fonts.

(pdf 160 Kb.);a=blob_plain;f=shr-logo/styleguide.pdf;hb=master

Early draft of theme contest page is available here.

UPDATE: It's also ok to submit mockups (i.e pictures) instead of fully working themes. This means you don't have to be a master e17 themer to participate.


The winner will get eternal glory (as his theme will be used by default in SHR) and also a free leather case by Tuxbrain ! Thanks a lot to Tuxbrain! (And especially to David)


Themes need to be under a license that allows us to use them (obviously).

Submissions go here

  1. gry*(Discuss!): by JesusMcCloud?. solid color backgrounds, but with few tiny graphics (sliders, checkboxes and few others), no gradients, few simple transitions.

it is much faster than default. currently SHR logo is not integrated, there is curently also no gtk theme or icontheme. it is similar to the default theme but a hell of a lot faster!


further information:

download: Illume theme ipk

Elementary theme ipk

  1. Niebiee (Discuss!?): by dos. Designed to be very fast, but not very ugly, and without removing all nice animations. The main property of Niebiee theme is color - this theme is *extremely blue*. If you love blue things, this theme is for you :)

Contains: Illume theme, Elementary theme, SHR Splash theme. To be done: GTK+ theme, libphone-ui-shr theme, SHR Today theme, maybe also icon theme.

TODO: better and more recent screenshots

download: SHR repos: e-wm-theme-illume-niebiee, elementary-theme-niebiee, shr-splash-theme-niebiee

  1. o2 (Discuss!?): by JesusMcCloud?. It looks like 2007.2 gtk theme. Designed to be very fast! It still has some minor flaws, which will be ironed out as soon as my fr works again. An illume theme si still missing and will be implemented in the next weeks.

Contains: Elementary theme, libphone-ui-shr Theme, GTK+ theme (already exists since om2007.2), Icon Theme (already exists since om2007.2). To be done: Illume theme, SHR Today theme.

TODO: Illume theme, find out the name of the GTK+ and the icon theme.

download: SHR repos: elementary-theme-o2, phoneui-shr-theme-o2 (what are the icon themes and the GTK+ theme called??)

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